Religious Right Activist: Deploy National Guard To Stop Gay Marriage

| by Michael Allen

Randy Thomasson, of the anti-gay group, sent out a letter to "pro-family leaders" urging them to lobby the Republican governors of their states to use the National Guard to stop gay marriages.

In his letter, Thomasson lamented that governors were lawfully following the rulings of courts on same-sex marriage and added, "It is not good enough for governors to merely protest by appealing to a higher court the unconstitutional opinions of bad judges."

Thomasson recommended that governors do the following:

• Announce he took an oath to obey the constitution, not to obey a judge’s unconstitutional opinion.
• Announce that no homosexual “marriage” licenses will be issues (sic), and no county clerk is permitted to issue marriage licenses to anyone other than a qualified man and woman.
• Utilize the support of the state attorney general (if that constitutional officer is willing to stand alongside) or use the state’s National Guard to enforce the law at county clerk’s offices.

“I don’t expect any defense of real marriage from Democrat governors, who are virtually locked into the delusion of homosexual ‘marriages,’” Thomasson told “But Republican governors who say they believe in man-woman marriage, well, that’s an entirely different story with different expectations.”

Thomasson added:

“They’re doing an appeal in Mississippi, but their attorney general there has said that these same-sex marriages will begin happening if their appeal to higher courts is not successful. The governor is supposed to be a strong Christian man, so what is he going to do? Is he really going to protect marriage? As governor, he’s the head of the Mississippi National Guard. He can refuse to alter marriage certificates. He can threaten to sue county clerks for violating the state Constitution on man-woman marriage.

“Liberals will use their executive powers to do what they believe in. Will pro-family governors use their powers to do what they believe in, not only what they believe in but what they have sworn to uphold and defend? Do we have to pull out the oath of office and read it to them? Do we have to pull out Black’s Law Dictionary and read them the definitions of the words they promised, such as ‘defend’ the Constitution and ‘faithfully execute’ the state laws?”

Sources:, Photo Credit: Georgia National Guard