Rancher Cliven Bundy Claims the Lord is on His Side (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Bunkerville, Nev., cattle rancher Cliven Bundy recently claimed that his April standoff with federal law enforcement was actually a spiritual war in which the Lord was on his side.

Bundy made his claims during a speech to the Independent American Party (IAP) on Saturday at the Lexington Hotel in St. George, Utah, noted (video below).

"There was people from almost every state in this United States was there. Some of them told me they'd traveled for 40 hours to get there," stated Bundy. "Why did they come? Because they felt like they needed to. They was spiritually touched."

Bundy failed to mention that he owes over $1 million in grazing fees and penalties for allowing his cattle to use federal property without a permit for over 20 years.

While about 100 people attended the IAP meeting, Bundy seemed angered that more folks had not come.

"Where is all of your college students? Where's our young and where's our old? Where's our black and where's our brown?" Bundy scolded. "Where are you people? Aren't you interested in freedom and liberty? I'm not here to talk to a club."

The IAP bases many of its foundational statements on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church.

"If the standoff with the Bundys was wrong, would the Lord have been with us?" Bundy asked. "Could those people that stood without fear and went through that spiritual experience... have done that without the Lord being there? No they couldn't."

Bundy also claimed that God spoke directly to him, "The Lord told me... if [the sheriff doesn't] take away these arms [from federal agents], we the people will have to face these arms in a civil war. He said, 'This is your chance to straighten this thing up.'"

Bundy failed to mention that the sheriff didn't take away any arms from federal agents, nor did he engage in any civil war.

The Associated Press noted that the Bureau of Land Management relented in the standoff in concern for human lives. Bundy's case is not over, and is in the hands of the FBI and U.S. Justice Department.

Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie has condemned Bundy for allowing militia members onto his property to aim guns at federal agents.

Sources: and Associated Press