'Prophet' Rick Joyner Claims Mules Prove Evolution is 'Impossible' (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Self-proclaimed "prophet" Rick Joyner claimed to have debunked the theory of evolution while admitting some of it was true during a church service on Sunday.

"There is some truth to evolution. Some truth to the fact that people might get taller, or certain species might improve certain characteristics that they have," stated Joyner (video below).

"There is a development within species, but we do not have a single example anywhere in all of history of species change," added Joyner. "And we're told in Genesis, 'They will each multiple after their kind.'"

According to, Joyner then claimed, "You can mix a donkey and a horse and get a mule, but mules cannot reproduce. They can only reproduce after their own kind. We have no species change.”

“Why would a whole theory, everything taught in our schools, be based on something that is something that is so outrageously not only ridiculous, it’s impossible."

In the first part of Joyner's speech, he is talking about micro-evolution or mutation, which happens relatively fast, within a few lifetimes.

However, actual evolution (crossover from one species to another) is believed to have taken place very slowly over hundreds of millions of years.

Evolutionary scientist Richard Dawkins told National Geographic TV that the location of animals in respect to their environment and the close resemblance of molecules are proof of evolution.

"If you go to Australia all the mammals, save for one or two introduced by man, are marsupials. Why are they all there and not in Asia too? It’s exactly as you’d expect if animals evolved," stated Dawkins.

"If you look at molecules in how they differ from animal to animal, or plant to plant, you find a hierarchical pattern of resemblance, which only makes sense if you assume that it’s a family tree, a pedigree," added Dawkins. "Everything, all the evidence, points to evolution."

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