Pat Robertson Claims the U.S. Government is Buying Bullets to Kill Americans (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Speaking on the 700 Club this week, Pat Robertson joined the right wing conspiracy theorists who claim that the Department of Homeland Security is buying armored vehicles and loads of ammunition to use against Americans (video below).

As noted by, Robertson dramatically said this was “like something out of science fiction: long trains of full or armored vehicles, personnel carriers with armor. What are they for, the Army going into battle against the enemy? They’re used by Homeland Security against us!”

He added: “Imagine what Homeland Security is doing, it’s just awful. We’re going to talk about how much ammunition they’re stockpiling. Who are they going to shoot? Us?”

Robertson provided no actual proof for his wild claims, but did use a line from President Ronald Reagan which doesn't apply to this situation at all: “The most fearful statement in the English language is ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”