Pat Robertson Claims America Asking for 'Wrath' of God for Pursuing Mideast Peace (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Pat Robertson warned on the 700 Club recently that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s effort to manage a peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians is “asking for the wrath of Almighty God to fall on this nation” (video below).

Kerry has made three trips to Jerusalem over the last two weeks, in hopes of laying grounds for a peace plan.

Kerry met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior Israeli and Palestinian officials on Monday. Kerry also met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on Sunday, reports

Kerry wants to revive a 2002 initiative that would give Israel recognition as a country by Arab states, but would also require Israel to give up land.

Robertson said that any peace agreement that included land concessions to the Palestinians "will result in terrible suffering for people in the United States," reports

"I think this is headed for disaster for the United States," said Robertson."God says, 'They divided my land,' there is something about dividing God’s land, he said this is 'my land, I gave it to Abraham and his descendants and I don’t want it taken away from them and Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel.'"

"For the United States to get into a deal where they’re trying to split Jerusalem and take it away from the Israelis and split up their capital, huge mistake," warned Robertson. "You are asking for the wrath of Almighty God to fall on this nation and when it falls it won’t be fun, it won’t be fun. We should do everything we can to restrain our leaders from this course of folly and it is and it is a course of folly and it will result in terrible suffering for people in the United States."

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