Pastor Harry Jackson Tells Rabbi that US is Christian Nation, but Muslims, Jews Can Believe What They Want

| by Alex Groberman

In honor of it being Easter Sunday, Face the Nation held a special panel discussion about religion in America. Pastor Harry Jackson and Rabbi David Wolpe were among the two faith leaders in attendance.

At one point during their conversation, Rabbi Wolpe noted that because America is such a diverse nation, citizens should be free to celebrate their differences as they choose to because “God is greater than any religious tradition.” In response to that, Pastor Jackson said that the U.S. is actually a Christian nation, but that Christians were more than willing to ‘let’ Jews and Muslims believe what they want to believe.

“In deference to the Christian foundation of this nation, it is that foundation that allows us freedom,” Jackson told the panel (as transcribed by Raw Story).

“I don’t see this diversity in other places. So to the credit of our Christian foundation of this nation, this freedom we’re experiencing is because folks came and said, ‘We believe this is to be a Christian nation. We feel like we’ve been persecuted in the places we came from, and we’re going to intentionally let this nation be founded in a way that if you come here and you’re Islamic and you come here and you’re Jewish, we’re not going to persecute you.’

“Although we don’t worship as Jewish people, we’re going to let this country be guided in a place where there’s going to be liberty and freedom or worship. I feel we’d be remiss if we act like some other set of countries has operated in this way.”

You can check out the panel’s entire conversation in the video below.

Sources: Raw Story, CBS