Pastor Defies Law, Puts Up Illegal Church Sign to 'Honor My Lord' (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Pastor Sonny Serigney, of the Fellowship Baptist Church in Grovetown, Georgia, recently defied local law and put up a large church sign with 19,000 LED bulbs.

"Ours is just to get the message of Christ out," Pastor Serigney told News 12 (video below).

"You want me to be honest, because I wanted to honor my Lord," added Pastor Serigney.

The sign is especially bright at night, which could cause a problem for night drivers as the sign is located close to a road.

Grovetown denied Serigney's request to build his flashing electric sign last month because a city ordinance doesn't allow LED signs that are bigger than 16 square feet.

Pastor Serigney disregarded the size issue and switched the subject to technology.

"The city uses its technology, I can't see why we should not be allowed to use the same technology that they use," stated Pastor Serigney.

After the illegal sign went up, the city served Pastor Serigney with a cease and desist notice.

Grovetown Mayor George James told News 12 off-camera that the sign issue could end up in a lawsuit.

"We still have the freedom and the right to proclaim the good news of God, and that's all I want with this sign," stated Pastor Serigney. "I don't think they should be allowed to tell me what I can put up on church property."

According to the Associated Press, Pastor Serigney wants people to know about the church food pantry, but it's unclear if the church pantry is open all night and if motorists are actually driving around in the dead of night looking for a pantry.

Sources: News 12, Associated Press