North Carolina Religious Billboard Slams Gay People (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Anti-gay billboards with Bible verses have recently sprung up in Clyde, N.C.

According to WLOS (video below), one billboard states, “Coexist, tolerance, sexual perversion?" And the one below it says, "God says ‘NO!’”

The billboards include Bible verses from the Books of Isaiah, Corinthians and Revelation, which condemn homosexuality and include a threat of judgement, reports

The small town's residents are mixed on the billboards.

“Love your neighbor as yourself,” resident Michelle Grosse told WLOS. “This is saying, no coexistence, not tolerance. And of course, we love that whole perversion sin because it’s so easy to identify.”

"I think it makes us look like a bunch of yahoos," added Grosse. "I'm not and I don't like being represented that way."

But resident Allen Thornburg countered, “That don’t need to be fixed. That needs to stay up there.”

However, it's not clear who owns the billboards or put them up.

Sources: and WLOS