Focus on the Family Promotes 'March on Marriage' Against Gay Marriage (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Focus on the Family's Senior Vice President Tom Minnery recently made a video (below) encouraging people to join the 'March on Marriage' event on March 26, which will coincide with the U.S. Supreme Court hearing the possibly landmark case of California's Prop.8, which banned gay marriage in the Golden State, reports

"On March 26, arguments will be heard in the Supreme Court on what marriage is all about and will the institution of marriage endure so that children will have the best chance to have a mom and a dad," said Minnery.

However, the court ruling is not expected to involve children, but whether or not gay marriage will be recognized in California (and possibly the country).

In addition to opposing gay marriage, Minnery also opposed gay nominees for the Supreme Court back in 2010, reports

At the time, Minnery said: "Someone who is a practicing homosexual is a non starter for the group."

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