Christian Lawyer Wants All Pres. Candidates To Sign Pledge, Disobey Supreme Court (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Christian activists were mobilizing last week and this week in preparation for the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a case which could legalize gay marriage throughout the country.

Mat Staver, a Christian lawyer and head of the Liberty Counsel, has co-written a pledge, which numerous Religious Right activists and pastors have signed, that promises not to obey any U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalizes same-sex marriage.

Staver told Newsmax last Friday that he wants all the 2016 presidential candidates to sign the pledge, noted (video below).

Staver stated:

We're going to ask every presidential candidate, Republican and Democrat, to sign on to this pledge and it's going to be very telling if they don't. We believe that we have an imperative moment in our history. We're not looking for just mere numbers, however, we are looking for people who will stand together and pledge together that with regards to marriage we come together in unity, the building block of our society, and we will not idly stand by while it's deconstructed, and allow the Supreme Court to allow this to collide with religious freedom.

According to the pledge website,, possible 2016 GOP presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum have signed the pledge to defy the possible U.S. law.

Reality TV stars Jim and Michelle Duggar have also signed the pledge.

Image Credit: Newsmax Screenshot

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