Cal Baptist University Student Domaine Javier Expelled for Being Transgender, Sues School for Discrimination

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A transgender student was expelled from California Baptist University simply for being transgender.

The student, Domaine Javier, was born a male, but has dressed and identified as a female since she was a toddler. She is now suing the school for violating California’s Civil Rights Act, which states that organizations cannot discriminate based on gender identity.

Cal Baptist, however, is a private university and can uphold/follow different standards - to a degree. For instance, the school requires its students to sign an agreement stating they will not engage in homosexual acts or live with someone of the opposite sex. Yet, the school does not have an official policy claiming it students may not be transgender.

The school found out Javier was transgender because she was featured on MTV’s True Life show in 2011, where she admitted to being biologically male. Afterwards, they mailed her a letter accusing her of lying about her identity, and presenting false or misleading information.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Javier told The Press-Enterprise, a local paper, after she was expelled in August 2011. “They said, ‘On your application form you put ‘female.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s how I see myself.’”

Suzanna Goldberg, a Columbia Law School professor specializing in sexuality and gender law, said that Javier definitely has a viable case.

“There is no indication from these facts that the student intended to misrepresent herself or her identity to the school,” she told The Huffington Post. “In fact, as the complaint points out, to represent herself as male would have also created the appearance of fraud. It’s a we-win-you-lose framework.”

Javier was accepted to the university's nursing program with scholarships in music and academics, and will be suing for about half a million dollars to compensate for lost scholarships and potential income loss. 

Source: The Inquisitr

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