Anti-Gay Marriage Flier Says Kids Could Be 'Exposed to Sounds of Sodomy'

| by Michael Allen

Ireland is planning a nationwide vote on gay marriage this May.

“The fact that this referendum is now to take place is a mark of the progress that has taken place in this country in recent years and decades, and indicates the extent to which attitudes to lesbian and gay people have changed,” said Irish Labor leader Joan Burton, noted The Guardian.

The Catholic Church recently came out against the proposal as did a Christian organization that is circulating a controversial flyer in Wicklow, Ireland.

According to, the flyer states, “Should Children Be Exposed to Sounds of Sodomy?” and describes homosexual relationships as a “beastly obsession with unholy acts."

The flier also calls the referendum “adoption legislation,” even though it only applies to same-sex marriage.

Irish comedian Dara O Briain mocked the flier on Twitter, "I must thank the Irish anti-marriage equality campaign for igniting a very entertaining discussion over whether sodomy is louder than a bell."

Sources: The Guardian,, Twitter
Image Credit: Bilerico Project