Christian School In U.K. Closed Down Due To The Comment Of A 12-Year-Old Pupil

| by Arthur Kogan

Durham Free School, a Christian school in the United Kingdom, has recently been shut down because a 12-year-old boy made a reference to terrorism when asked "what a Muslim was" by inspectors.

Durham Free has been ordered to close down as a result of this answer and it has also been labeled an “educational failure.” Inspectors also claim that the children displayed "discriminatory views" toward people of other faiths, explains Dailymail.

Teachers at the Durham Free claim that the school is being unfairly targeted because of its Christian philosophy. They claim that the verdict was "grossly unfair" because it was based on one ignorant comment made by a single student and does not accurately depict the culture and education of the entire school. The teachers also claim that the school is an easy target for officials who are actively trying to promote the new diversity agenda in the U.K.

“Durham Free School is failing to ensure children are looked after, failing to provide an environment in which children are able to learn, and failing to provide the quality of education that we expect,” said Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary.

Joan Hewitt, leader of the inspecting team, concluded:  “Leaders are failing to prepare students for life in modern Britain. Some students hold discriminatory views of other people who have different faiths, values or beliefs from themselves.”

Grindon Hall Christian School in Sunderland was also put into special measures by Ofsted inspectors a few months ago after inspectors concluded pupils were "intolerant."

Chris Gray, principal of Grindon Hall, criticized inspectors and the entire process, claiming the manner in which inspectors questioned the pupils was "hostile" and "inappropriate." He also claimed that the proceedings were “negative at every stage” and went as far as saying that the inspectors collected data designated to fit a “predetermined outcome.”

Rob Thomas, a member of the Reform Council, had a strong choice of words for these recent events:

“When the future of entire schools can be prejudiced on the basis of what appear to be a few conversations with individual pupils, it raises very serious concerns.”

Sources: Inquisitr, Dailymail   Photo Source: WikiCommons