Christian Radio Host Warns Of Female President (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Conservative Christian radio host Kevin Swanson warned on Aug. 1 that electing a female president was another chapter in the "war that feminists have waged" (video below).

Swanson made his comments during his radio show, notes

"On the one hand, the nation embraces a sexual decadence. On the other hand, the feminists, who themselves rather appreciate free love, sexual impurity and adultery, but they don’t appreciate fact that a woman was taken advantage of.

"Therefore, in order for [Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton] to be vindicated, she has got to prove herself by winning the power struggle over the highest office in the land. This is what defines America today."

Swanson's co-host or guest said the woman's desire in the Garden of Eden was to take the man's place, but did not cite a verse to support that assertion.

In reply, Swanson said:

"And that's feminism's greatest victory, if they can achieve the ultimate zenith of power, this will become the final chapter in a sense the present war that feminists have waged over this nation. They weren't able to get an additional amendment to the U.S. Constitution, you remember they were trying that in the 1970s, they weren't able to achieve it, but they have achieved it through the back door."

Swanson went on to lament that most evangelical Christian preachers and most of the nation has accepted feminism.

He added that the three most powerful nations -- Germany, England and the U.S. -- would all be led by women if Clinton is elected, and opined:

"The three most powerful nations in the Western world that are themselves birth imploding, thanks to the feminists and the pro-abortion crowd by the way. The three most powerful nations in the Western world that are birth imploding and developing an impressive debt-to-GDP ratio, and doing the best to destroy their entire socioeconomic systems, the three most powerful Western nations led by women, it’s interesting."

As a matter of record, Theresa May has only been the prime minister of the United Kingdom since July 13, less than month, after David Cameron's resignation following the Brexit vote.

Earlier in his broadcast, Swanson warned about a woman taking a leadership role per Isaiah 3:12, which was written in the Bible specifically to Israel some 2,000 years ago: "As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths."

Gary Dull, who heads the Pennsylvania Pastors Network, also discussed that verse as somehow applying to the U.S. political system on July 28 during the American Pastors Network radio show "Stand in the Gap," reports

"And so what we see is that the condition of the nation in that particular period of time was very, very spiritually rotten and whether that was the cause for women leading them or that itself brought on the wickedness within the nation is to be debated, but it certainly does at least imply that maybe women should not be in high political positions particularly when you compare scripture with scripture."

Dull also mentioned 1 Timothy Chapter 2, which was the Apostle Paul's specific direction to the early Christian churches to not allow a woman to teach a man or have authority over a man. Dull recalled how the Bible says that a woman is supposed to be a helpmate in a marriage.

Dull then applied these verses to the current U.S. election: "In God's line of authority, chain of authority, it seems very clear in the scripture that a woman should not be in authority over men, which would limit a woman from being the president of the United States of America or even a queen of some other particular nation."

 Queens, female teachers and prophets are mentioned throughout the Bible.

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