Christian Leaders Upset About Historic Women's March (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Some Christian leaders have voiced their objections about the Women's March that occurred on Jan. 21 in numerous cities around the U.S. and the world (video below).

Self-proclaimed prophet Rick Joyner, of MorningStar Ministries, loaded a video on his Facebook page on Jan. 23 in which he said the historic march was a "blatant manifestation of the Jezebel spirit," notes Right Wing Watch:

[Everybody I talked to in D.C. said] there was a meanness, there was a rage that was very unattractive. And they used other terms, but to me it was a manifestation of the Jezebel spirit that I think has been seeking, and to some degree, has taken a huge amount of dominion over our whole country.

Now, there's a Jezebel spirit in scripture, and it's not just something that happens with women. I think men can have a Jezebel spirit. It's basically a spirit that seeks to seduce God’s people into sexual immorality and into the worship of idols.

As a matter of record, there is no "Jezebel spirit" mentioned in the Bible. There was a "Queen Jezebel" mentioned as a villain in 1 Kings and 2 Kings; she died in the latter book.

During his message, Joyner mentioned neither Trump's bragging about sexually assaulting women in an "Access Hollywood" tape in 2005, nor Trump's reference to women as "pigs" and "dogs."

Joyner did attack Hollywood and the entertainment business, recalled the foul language that he heard in the Navy, and said the language from some of the females at the Women's March was worse.

Pastor Lance Wallnau posted a video on his Facebook page on Jan. 23 in which he blamed witchcraft and the spirit of Jezebel for the Women's March, reports Right Wing Watch (video below):

It’s a witchcraft that’s operating behind this stuff, and it’s intimidation and it’s violence and it’s threatening and it’s destructive and it’s clearly the work of the devil. And the media mind controls what we’re dealing with. It’s mind control that has people incapable of seeing the reality.

Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter if evangelist Billy Graham, attacked those who participated in the Women's March on her Facebook page on Jan. 22:

Various news outlets played video and audio reports of hundreds of thousands of women all over the world marching in protest of President Trump. It was an incredible sight to see women flooding the streets, not only in Washington, but also in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, London and dozens of other major cities.

They were peaceful, vulgar, at times obscene…marching for what? They claimed to represent all women, yet a common denominator seemed missing unless it was fear of President Trump and the possibility that he may interfere with their right to easily accessible abortion for anyone and everyone, at any time, and for any reason...

My heart aches for many of the women I saw marching…women who have joined a "movement" that is deceptive and in the end, will be destructive and lead them to a spiritual and moral "grave."[1] I pray earnestly for them to turn to the one, true, living God, who is the only One who can give them the deep, permanent peace, love, hope, and security we all long for.

As a matter of record, the participants in the Women's March did not claim to speak for "all women," as Lotz wrote, nor did all the women in the march indicate that they were pro-choice.

Sources: Right Wing Watch (2), Anne Graham Lotz/Facebook / Photo Credit: Anne Graham Lotz/Facebook

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