Eagles' Reid Needs to Explain Himself Regarding Vick, Kolb

| by Off The Record

Look, at no point do I wish that Michael Vick will struggle this weekend, next weekend or any weekend following. But there are a few things I need to clear up, just so I understand.

Andy Reid traded away 11 years of solid (sometimes spectacular) QB play for a guy that he handpicked as a replacement. Philadelphia had no choice but to trust Reid because, in all reality, he seems to be a good judge of the position. Let us not forget the QB’s he passed on in favor of 5. In addition, when 80% of the city was against the addition of Mike Vick last year, Reid obviously saw and felt about Vick what the rest of the town and NFL did not…(wonder what percent of that 80% is now rooting for Vick).

But I digress… Anyway, away goes 5 for 4. Is Andy really telling this city that he is willing to give Vick that go after seeing Kolb for only one half? Is Mr. Consistent really making a rash decision? I’m trying to understand what that half of football showed Reid that he was unable to see throughout camp and the preseason when he clearly touted Kolb as the #1. Really, help me understand.

In Reid’s defense, Vick has played extremely well in his opportunities and has proved he belongs in the NFL once again. In fact, Reid was quick to point out Vick’s QB rating in Kolb’s absence and that he is “playing out of his mind.” But since when did we start giving away starting jobs due to injury? If that was the case, was there a reason NOT to give Kolb the starting gig after Week 2 and 3 of last year when he torched subpar defenses? Granted, a little different when comparing an 11-year vet with a “rookie,” but the #1 job is the #1 job… unless there is something I don’t understand.

There are extenuating circumstances that may have come into play regarding his decision. First of all, despite the fact that he won’t admit it… the offensive line is porous at best. If Vick is sacked six times, one can only imagine what Kolb would face week in and week out. See: David Carr in Houston. Please, just let us know that is part of your decision…just so we understand.

The Giants are 1-1, Skins 1-1, Eagles 1-1, Cowboys 0-2. So the division hasn’t started off the way we had thought it would. Maybe the Cowboys are far more overrated than originally thought and the Giants won’t be nearly as underrated as we originally thought. So this division “could” be up for grabs. If Reid is thinking that this team really has a shot at the division title with Vick at the helm then just say that… just so we understand.

To make a move to sit Kevin Kolb after only one half of football only retards his progress despite several reasons why the move actually makes sense. Surely, you don’t want Kolb developing bad habits or becoming trigger happy due to poor line play. Clearly you don’t want Kolb getting injured or forced into a position where he cannot succeed…but at what point do you have to figure out what you’ve got!? At what point do you figure out if you actually have an NFL QB or not? He’s been given three years to learn the offense, but only one half to prove it. If he really is the QB that Reid says he is… he can be coddled for only so long.

Finally, what about Kolb? He has bought in to everything Reid has said and taught. Patiently waiting in the wings. Even when he came out slingin’ last year, he didn’t ruffle feathers or demand the opportunity to take the job. Is it because he doesn’t have the “it” necessary to be “the guy?” Or is it that he simply bought into Andy’s plan and knew his time was coming? Regardless, he assumed his role as backup until this season. He was handed the keys to a brand new car, only to have them ripped away just when he sat in the driver’s seat an buckled up. Now Kolb gets to watch his buddy drive around in the flashy new car that was promised to him. Reid, I think you need to let Kolb know what the hell is going on…for real… just so he understand.