New Fitness Trend: The Refine Method

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There’s the Tracy Anderson Method, the Bar Method, the Nalini Method, and now the Refine Method. New York City has become a sea of “method” classes. While these classes are all very different, it can be hard to navigate through each to find out which is best for you.

Hopefully, this class review will help you figure out if Refine Method is the “method” you're looking for.


Earlier this month, Brynn Jinnett, the owner of Refine Method on the Upper East Side, invited me to take a class at the Refine Method studio.


What immediately pops into my brain when I hear “method” is a barre class style workout. It was refreshing to discover that Refine is not just another “barre” class. While there are some similarities between all of these style classes, Refine Method is a combination of workout styles.

The Refine Method was developed by Brynn, who is a former professional dancer and previously taught class at places such as Physique 57, Exhale Spa and the Sports Club LA. The Refine Method was developed after spending two years researching the reasons why she was seeing people work hard and yet not able to achieve their fitness goals.

The Workout

The workout at Refine Method is 60 minutes in length. It is designed as a circuit style workout that moves between strength training and cardio moves using the exclusive Refine equipment system. The equipment is a pulley-like system that uses bands to add various amounts of resistance to the exercises.

The moves used throughout the workout are a combination of traditional moves such as squat thrusts and planks, strength training moves using the Refine equipment system and sliding moves similar to those done with Gliding Discs and Valslides. The workout concludes with exercises targeting the abs and glutes and a nice long stretch.


Should You Try It?

  • Yes! This workout is for you if you’re tired of fighting crowds at other studios. Not because there aren’t clients, but because class size is limited to 8 people.
  • Yes! If you’re looking for an affordable way to get personalized attention in a group setting.
  • Yes! Brynn is a great instructor.
  • Yes! If you live on the Upper East Side and are too lazy to commute to other neighborhoods to workout.

Head over to Refine Method to sign-up for a complimentary class, to see for yourself if this “method” is for you.

Disclaimer: I may be a little partial to this workout, as Brynn and I seem to have similar workout styles. In fact the day before I took this class, I taught a class that included several of the same exercises, just with different equipment. Throughout the entire class I thought, I totally deserve this torture, being as I just imparted it on others.