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Pre-E3: Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo - Who Will Come Out on Top?

| by NuyoRiquena

All week long Los Angeles will be held captive by the video game industry as one of the largest annual, international conventions takes at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3].  The big three [Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo] will all attempt to woo the media with what's to come in the coming months.  As the press conferences prepare everyone is talking about which one will be the most exciting, who is going to announce new hardware, and which games will be the best. 

Sony Logo

Sony has some explaining to do, or do they?  Everyone wants to know if they will touch any further on the hacking "scandal" which turned Twitter into a flame war against the technology giant.  I wonder if they will simply delight us all of the amazing things they plan to do (to make up for lost revenue) up through the holiday season.  They right answer most likely lies in the middle, say "Oopsy!" and then move on to the razzle-dazzle.  I routing for you!

Xbox 360 Logo

Microsoft feels as though they are sitting pretty and very few are arguing with them right now.  But they are not a company to rest on their laurels.  Or are they?  What can Microsoft do prove that the Xbox 360 will remain the console to beat?  Oh, that's right!  Gears of War 3.  Of course it is my opinion (obviously, it is my article) but the titles coming to the 360 will definitely help to bring the fire in what would otherwise be a snooze fest.  This is one time I would love to be wrong.

Nintendo Logo

Nintendo, oh how I adore Nintendo.  This year everyone expects to get something substantial about Project Cafe, the rumored new console.  Whatever they do, they must amp up the energy at their media conferences which have left many bored the last two years.  I have faith they will bring something to the table that will have us all talking for at least the next couple of months.


Of course there are other press conferences from publishing giants such as Ubisoft and Electronic Arts [EA], which could prove to be fun...or not.  Either way, I promise to run around the convention floor to gather as much intel as possible.  If there is anything in particular you want to know, let me know, as it is my journalistic duty to find out all I can in good ol' Nancy Drew style!

Until then...