Practice | Ana Forrest Shares Wisdom In New Book “Fierce Medicine” via SFGate

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Founder of Forrest Yoga, Ana T. Forrest, Shares Wisdom from Her Own Radical Healing in New Book ‘Fierce Medicine’

anademo Practice | Ana Forrest Shares Wisdom In New Book Fierce Medicine via SFGate

Forrest yoga was created by Ana Forrest  to help students take their practice off the mat, dig deep into their spirituality, and challenges you to heal, grow, and welcome your spirit home. Ana Forrest has been practicing and teaching for nearly 40 years, which is why we are psyched to read her book “Fierce Medicine”. Here is an excerpt from SF Gate about it:

Through the lens of her own harrowing story, Forrest distills and shares her wisdom and experience with a yoga practice anyone can do. Forrest teaches people to “stalk fear,” “walk free of pain,” and learn the art of “truth speaking” through her highly developed understanding of the human body and psyche, eastern wisdom, and Native American practices. This pioneering style dismantles the emotional and mental blocks that dictate and limit people’s lives, creating a powerful way to move through past grievances and hurt. Whether battling an addiction, eating disorder, injury, or chronic pain, readers will reconnect with their bodies, cultivate balance, speak and act with compassion and honesty, and learn to live in wholeness and health.

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