Power Yoga + The Rise of the BROgi | via Elephant Journal

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We are seeing more and more men doing yoga every day – and we’re talking about real men here, folks…

This article from Elephant Journal offers an explanation as to how, why, and where this is happening.

yoga men Power Yoga + The Rise of the BROgi | via Elephant Journal

By Jimmy Gleacher

Power Yoga has birthed a whole new breed of men who do yoga.

These men are not Yogis, they’re Brogis.

Besides Catios, nothing is trendier than yoga

…right now—and thanks to the success of bandana enthusiast Baron Baptiste, “Power Yoga” studios are popping up in cities around the nation like Peet’s Coffee shops (Starbucks is a stretch.)  Maybe it’s the sweaty workout or maybe it’s the manliness of the word POWER, whatever the reason regular guys (Bro’s) everywhere are getting their Downward Dog on and creating a new breed of male yogi called, Brogi.

By “regular guy” I mean a man who doesn’t have beads in his hair, keep a “consciousness journal,” use the term “mindful” and eat kale, goji berries, maca powder and wheat grass on a regular basis or actually ever. Brogis eat real food, not raw food. They drink beer, not broth. A “green diet” for a Brogi is when he has a Caesar salad before his NY Strip. Eating “locally” means going to a pub within walking distance. A food-share is a plate of nachos or wings.

Brogis are old school, not new age. Brogis spend the weekend in ski lodges, not sweat lodges. Brogis go to work seminars, not breathe-work seminars. Brogis seek counsel from golf coaches, not life coaches.  Brogis are not precious and emaciated, they don’t wear little shorts, shirts made from hemp, or have dragon tattoos. Brogi’s don’t join “Men’s Groups” to talk about their feelings with other guys but they often join men’s leagues to compete in sports with other guys.

You will never hear a Brogi employ the word Namaste unless he’s talking to a woman and mistakes the word as her last name. For example, “I’m sorry, did you say your name was Rachelle Namaste? Are you French?”

Brogis don’t “practice” yoga, they just do it. They don’t believe a workout will give them a spiritual experience or fix an identity crisis. They live in a world where problems are solved with solutions, notstretches. Brogis aren’t at the yoga studio to find themselves, they’re there to lose their hangover.

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