Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Hospitalized From Horse Riding Accident

| by Edward Arnold

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has seven broken ribs and fluid around his lungs. But no one would have known if he wasn’t hospitalized on Jan. 19.

After a horse-riding accident over the Christmas holidays in Africa, Governor McAuliffe carried on with normal business. Last week he delivered the State of the Commonwealth speech on his feet. Later, he entertained all 140 legislators. Even his staff had no idea he was injured.

“He mentioned that he had taken a tumble and hurt himself,” Todd Haymore, McAuliffe's secretary of agriculture, said. “He mentioned it to me almost in passing, as part of the larger conversation. I never thought about it again because I never saw him slow down.”

Doctors were expecting the governor’s injuries to heal on their own, but after finding increased fluid around his lungs, he was hospitalized for a procedure. McAuliffe’s wife, Dorothy, released a statement about his hospitalization.

“My husband is resting comfortably after a successful procedure this afternoon,” she said. “He and I want to thank the outstanding medical team at VCU Medical Center who just informed us that he is expected to recover well and get back to his full schedule within the next few days.”

News of the governor’s hospitalization has sent shocks across Richmond, as many legislative leaders had been unaware of his trip to Africa.

“We don’t post family or private events on his public schedule,” spokesman Brian Coy said.

The governor’s office is not required to notify state legislatures of the governor’s vacation schedule. McAuliffe’s chief of staff would obtain the governor's emergency powers in case of incapacitation.

“Delivering a State of the Commonwealth with 7 broken ribs is incredible. Heck listening to one with 7 broken ribs would be tough enough,” tweeted Tucker Martin, spokesman former governor Robert McDonnell.

Source: Washington Post / Photo Credit: AP