Trump's Ex-Butler Calls For Obama To Be Killed

| by Michael Allen

Anthony Senecal, who served as a butler for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for 17 years, wrote on his Facebook page on May 11 that President Obama should be killed.

According to Mother Jones, Senecal's posts were only public to Facebook friends, but the news site was able to obtain screenshots of his postings, including the one from May 11:

To all my friends on FB, just a short note to you on our pus headed "president" !!!! This character who I refer to as zero (0) should have been taken out by our military and shot as an enemy agent in his first term !!!!! Instead he still remains in office doing every thing he can to gut the America we all know and love !!!!!

Now comes Donald J Trump to put an end to the corruption in government !!!! The so called elite, who are nothing but common dog turds from your front lawn are shaking in their boots because there is a new Sheriff coming to town, and the end to their corruption of the American people (YOU) is at hand !!!!

I cannot believe that a common murder is even allowed to run (killery clinton) OR that a commie like bernie is a also allowed to also run !!!! Come on America put your big boy pants on---this election you have a choice---GET YOUR ASS OUT AND VOTE !!!! Thank you !!!!

When asked about the posting by Mother Jones, Senecal, 84, said: "I wrote that. I believe that."

"It's all me," Senecal added.

Senecal was asked why he called for Obama to be killed, and he said: "I cannot stand the bastard. I don't believe he's an American citizen. I think he's a fraudulent piece of crap that was brought in by the Democrats."

Senecal also told CNN that he wrote the posting, adding: "I think I said 'hung.' ... Either way, I don't care. Hanging, shooting -- I'd prefer he'd be hung from the portico of the White House, or as I call it, the white mosque."

"Does it sound like I'm nuts?" Senecal added. "Because I'm not. I've just gotten fed up with [Obama]."

The Secret Service said it "is aware of this matter and will conduct the appropriate investigation."

"Tony Senecal has not worked at Mar-a-Lago for years, but nevertheless we totally and completely disavow the horrible statements made by him regarding the President," Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said in a statement.

Senecal told Trump that he wanted to resign as his butler in 2009, and the GOP front-runner had him stay on at Mar-a-Lago as an in-house historian, Mother Jones reports. It is not a paid position, but Senecal makes money taking people on tours of the estate.

"Looks like that sleezey bastard zero (O) is trying to out maneuver Congress again, if the truth be known this prick needs to be hung for treason!!!" Senecal wrote on April 21, 2015, on Facebook, according to Mother Jones

Senecal noted on May 23, 2015:

I feel it is time for the SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION !!!!! The only way we will change this crooked government is to douche it !!!!! This might be the time with this kenyan fraud in power !!!!! ... [W]ith the last breath I draw I will help rid this America of the scum infested in its government--and if that means dragging that ball less d--- head from the white mosque and hanging his scrawny a-- from the portico--count me in !!!!!

Senecal has posted more racist and obscene content about the president and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

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