Trump's Doctor Wrote Health Letter In Minutes (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Dr. Harold Bornstein, the personal physician of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, says he wrote a medical letter about the 70-year-old candidate's health in just five minutes on Dec. 4, 2015, while Trump waited in a limo outside the doctor's New York City office (video below).

"His health is excellent, especially his mental health," Bornstein laughed as he spoke to NBC News on Aug. 26. "He thinks he's the best, which works out just fine."

"He would be fit because I think that his brain is turned on 24 hours a day," Bornstein added.

Bernstein's medical letter said Trump "has had no significant medical problems," underwent a recent "complete medical examination that showed only positive results" and had laboratory test results that "were astonishingly excellent," noted NPR.

When NBC News asked the doctor if Trump suggested that Bornstein describe his health with those words, Bornstein told NBC News: "I think I probably picked up his kind of language and then just interpreted it to my own."

"I thought about it all day and at the end, I get rushed," Bornstein recalled. "And I get anxious when I get rushed, so I tried to get four or five lines done as fast as possible that they would be happy with."

Bornstein also made this extraordinary statement in the letter: "If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency."

When NBC News asked the doctor about that part of the letter, he replied off-camera: "I like that sentence to be quite honest with you, and all the rest of them are either sick or dead."

CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta opined on that part of Bornstein's letter on Aug. 23 (video below): "How do you know that? How would you? That’s unknowable. Certainly, one is part doctor, one part historian, I guess. But that type is hyperbole typically isn't used."

Bornstein also stated in his letter about Trump: "His physical strength and stamina are extraordinary."

Bornstein clarified that part with NBC News off-camera: "I don't think he's in any better or worse than the average person that goes and exercises every single day. Doesn't smoke, doesn't drink -- and that's simply the best advantage you can have to live -- and he's got a good family history."

Gupta also weighed in on that section on CNN: "Strength and stamina being astonishingly excellent -- when we measure strength, you can actually measure strength. None of that objective data was in the letter."

Sources: NBC News, CNN via YouTube, NPR / Photo Credit: NBC News/YouTube

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