Thousands Gather In Times Square To Protest Iran Deal

| by Ethan Brown

Crowds filled four blocks of New York City's Times Square on July 22 in protest of the Iran nuclear deal.

Organizers with the “Stop Iran Now” campaign gathered between 38th and 42nd streets in Manhattan, right in the heart of Times Square. An estimated 12,000 people came out for the protest, the New York Post reported. Officials with the New York Police Department said the crowd was around 8,000 participants.

Protestors booed President Barack Obama, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, who has yet to take a position on the deal. With a large Democratic voting block of Jewish-Americans in New York City, Schumer’s decision will likely impact his relationship with his constituents or the White House, which supports the deal.

In a statement, Schumer stated he wanted to hear opinions from both sides before reaching a decision.

“I’ve read the agreement and I’m seeking answers to the many questions I have. Before I make a decision, I’m going to speak at length with experts on both sides,” the statement read.

Alan Dershowitz, a well-known defense attorney and self-described liberal Democrat, joined the protestors and said the rally was a “great display of democracy in action.”

“I am here as a liberal Democrat, and I urge my fellow Democrats and liberals to stand together, shoulder to shoulder,” he added.

Former New York governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate George Pataki also attended the rally and said that Iran deal was “a God-awful deal” and that “it must be rejected.”

Lawmakers have until Sept. 17 to approve the removal of U.S.-led economic sanctions on Iran or vote the amendment down, The Jerusalem Post noted. If it is voted down, the deal will likely fall through, as Iran has stated that sanction relief must occur immediately for it to begin the peace process.

Sources: The Jerusalem Post, New York Post / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons