Sarah Palin Ticketed In Alaska: ‘I Wasn’t Speeding, I Was Qualifying’

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

Sarah Palin was ticketed in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska, for going 63 mph in a 45 mph zone.

Palin, 50, was driving her Toyota Tundra when she was pulled over last Wednesday, according to the state’s CourtView system.

She blamed her lead foot on Sammy Hagar’s “I Can’t Drive 55,” which she said was playing on an oldies station while she was driving.

“I wasn't speeding; I was qualifying,” she told TMZ.

She was reportedly fined $154.

Palin made waves this week when she renewed an effort to impeach President Barack Obama. 

"There's only one remedy for a president who commits high crimes and misdemeanors, and it's impeachment. It's the I-word," she told the Western Conservative Summit in Denver on Saturday.

"Enough is enough of the years of abuse from this president," she wrote in a July 8 op-ed in Breitbart. "His unsecured border crisis is the last straw that makes the battered wife say, 'no mas.'"

Sources: New York Daily News, Daily Mail, Washington Post

Image credit: Therealbs2002