Russians Mock Obama With Racist Birthday Message Projection On U.S. Embassy

| by Lisa Fogarty

President Barack Obama was the victim of racist mockery in Russia this week when an offensive message was projected on the U.S. Embassy on Monday – the day Obama turned 53.

The Moscow Student Initiative reportedly claims it was responsible for the laser projection, which beams the words “Happy Birthday Obama” followed by an image of the president wearing a birthday hat with a banana in his mouth, reports Huffington Post.

That same day, a banner went up on the U.S. Embassy showing three images of Obama wearing a birthday hat. In the first, he’s covering his eyes with his hands, in the second, he’s covering his ears, and in the third, his mouth. The caption on the banner read “Three Wise Monkeys,” reports TheBlaze.

This isn’t the first time racist messages about the U.S. president have appeared in Russia. In February, three-time gold medalist figure skater Irina Rodnina, who is now a politician, tweeted a photo of Obama eating a banana.

And as reported on Opposing Views earlier this week, the Kremlin tweeted out this a few days ago.

Sources: Huffington Post, TheBlaze

Photo Credit: Kevin Rothrock/Twitter