Republican Steve King Disapproves Of Sasha and Malia Obama’s Spring Break

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Rep. Steve King of Iowa criticized President Obama’s daughters, Sasha and Malia, for going to the Bahamas for Spring Break amidst the federal budget belt-tightening of sequestration.

"You’re on point and on the mark all the way through," King told Carla, a caller to an Iowa radio station. Carla had previously said she found the Obama girls' vacation "really hard to stomach" and "not acceptable." King was appearing on the show “Mickelson in the Morning.”

"He needs to show some austerity himself," King said of Obama. He then reminded radio listeners that the President "sent the daughters to spring break in Mexico a year ago. That was at our expense, too."

"That is the wrong image to be coming out of the White House," King added.

Traditionally Presidents have paid for their family’s vacation expenses. 

King is not the first member of the GOP to complain about the Obamas' lifestyle. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota made allegations that American taxpayers were footing the bill for such luxuries as a dog walker for the first family's dog, Bo, while addressing a crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference. The charge turned out to be unfounded, according to The Huffington Post.

Salon columnist Joan Walsh chided what she called the myopic Republican assault, saying the GOP is "[freaking] out over things that are either exactly the same or directly comparable to what every American president and his family have done."

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