Massachusetts Sheriff Joseph McDonald Jokes About Assassinating President Obama


Plymouth County, Mass., Sheriff Joseph D. McDonald recently joked that the U.S. would be better off if President Obama were assassinated.

Sheriff McDonald made the comment while speaking at a Republican Party St. Patrick’s Day breakfast on Sunday, reports Examiner.com.

According to Boston Magazine, Sheriff McDonald joked about President Obama being visited in a dream by three past presidents. In the dream, the ex-presidents gave Obama advice on how to improve the country. President Lincoln told Obama to “go to the theater.”

When other public figures have made the same types of "jokes," they have been visited by the Secret Service. No word yet if this has happened to Sheriff McDonald.

Sheriff McDonald states on his website that he is an “avid sportsman and target shooter” and says “Plymouth County deserves the best in public safety, and I intend to continue to deliver.”

Sources: Boston Magazine, Examiner.com, SheriffJoeMcDonald.com


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