President Obama Offers Praise To Veterans In Memorial Day Proclamation

| by Ethan Brown

President Barack Obama released the annual Memorial Day Proclamation on May 22, discussing the importance of remembering the significance of the day and supporting the need for peace throughout the world.

The president started off by mourning those who have passed while serving the United States.

“With heavy hearts and a sense of profound gratitude, we mourn these women and men — parents, children, loved ones, comrades-in-arms, friends, and all those known and unknown — who believed so deeply in what our country could be they were willing to give their lives to protect its promise,” the president wrote.

Obama also wrote on the successes in past wars and battles that have led to America’s independence and stability.

“In solemn reflection, we gather — in small towns and big cities, on battlefields, in cemeteries, and at sacred places where blood has been shed for freedom’s cause — throughout our country and around the world to remember the unbroken chain of patriots who won independence, saved our Union, defeated fascism, and protected the Nation we love from emerging threats in a changing world.”

The president also mentioned the families who have lost their loved ones and supported them during their time of duty.

“We owe all those who sacrifice in our name a tremendous debt, including our Nation’s mothers and fathers who have given their daughters and sons to America, spouses and partners who shoulder the weight of unthinkable loss, and courageous children in whom the legacies of their parents live on.”

Vice President Joe Biden and first lady Michelle Obama used Twitter to thank veterans’ and their families for the continuing efforts to keep America safe.

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina and Sen. Ted Cruz also tweeted out messages of resilience and thanks.

Sources: White House, CNN

Photo Credit: Haightvineyards.com