Newest Clinton Emails To Be Released On June 30

| by Ethan Brown

The U.S. State Department is scheduling a release date of June 30 for the next set of Hillary Clinton’s personal emails, with releases continuing every 60 days thereafter.

The Department indicated its desire to continue releasing the highly sought after emails on a rolling basis in a court filing on May 26, The Hill reported.

“The Department will strive to produce as many documents as possible on each production date, and will file a status report one week after each production to inform the Court of the number of pages posted,” the filing states.

The State Department’s original plan was to release all of Clinton’s emails by Jan. 15, 2016, around the same time the presidential campaign begins to gain momentum with primaries, caucuses, debates and fundraisers taking up the candidates’ time.

However, U.S. district judge Rudolph Contreras ruled against this proposal on May 19, stating that the emails must be released on a rolling basis rather than in bulk all at once.

So far, the Department has worked diligently to review and release the emails, with 296 correspondents being made available to the public last week. More significantly, that batch of emails discussed Clinton’s role in the 2012 Benghazi, Libya terrorist attacks, in which four Americans were killed. Clinton’s role as U.S. Secretary of State at the time of the attack has cast a negative light on her second presidential campaign, with Clinton being forced to defend her actions involving the incident.

According to lawyers of the Justice Department, 30,000 emails will be released at the end of June, as per a Freedom of Information Act request by Jason Leopold of Vice News, CNN reported. Leopold’s lawyer, Ryan James, spoke about the new release date.

“I applaud State’s proposal to begin releasing Clinton’s emails on June 30, 2015, but I do not believe that additional rolling productions every 60 days is sufficiently frequent to enable the public to engage in fully informed discussion about Secretary Clinton’s leadership style and decisions while at the helm of the State Department,” James said in a statement.

Sources: The Hill (2), CNN 

Photo Credit: CBS, frontpagemag.com