New Jersey Mayor Chris Myers Won't Deny or Confirm Underwear Picture, Gay Escort

| by Michael Allen

Medford, New Jersey Mayor Chris Myers, a Republican, says that he won’t resign, but didn’t deny allegations that he paid for gay sex while visiting California last October.

Nor will he confirm or deny a picture (below) that appears to be him wearing blue Calvin Klein underwear, which was posted on the gay website Rentboy.com.

According to the Courier-Post, a man claiming to work for Rentboy.com alleges that Myers agreed to pay him $500 for sex, and also promised him a car and a recording studio after the encounter. The man said that Myers claimed he was a mayor from New Jersey and showed him identification.

“I can’t comment on something I don’t know,” Myers told the Courier-Post on Thursday. “This person hasn’t come forward. Unfortunately, this is a story on rumors and allegations. These claims are ridiculous. I believe I’ve been wronged by stories pinned on anonymous reports.”

However, Myers does admit to traveling to California for energy business last October.

The supposed Rentboy.com escort posted pictures of someone he claimed was Myers, wearing nothing but blue Calvin Klein underwear (below).

When asked if the pictures are of him, Myers went with the Anthony Weiner line of defense, stating: “I can’t comment on something I don’t know.”

When asked, “Are you gay or bisexual?” he replied, “I’m not commenting on my personal life.”