New Hampshire Rep. David Campbell Apologizes For Running Over Ducks

| by Emily Smith

New Hampshire State Rep. David Campbell apologized Sunday after striking down several wild ducks with his BMW outside a Nashua hotel last week.

"I am deeply sorry that I accidentally ran over several wild ducks near the Crowne Plaza last Monday night," Campbell wrote in a statement. “In spite of the accusations to the contrary, this was accidental, unintentional and deeply affected me then and now.”

Retired Marine officer James Murphy was unloading his luggage at the Crowne Plaza Hotel when a group of about 20 ducks waddled up to him. The ducks normally remained on hotel grounds and wandered freely.

Murphy had tossed the ducks some crackers when he suddenly saw a 5 Series BMW approach at 15 mph without slowing down. Murphy reported that at least six ducks had been crushed and killed.

Murphy followed the car for a couple of feet and took a picture of the license plate, later reporting the incident to police.

In his defense, Campbell reported that Murphy became highly agitated and controversial. To avoid a confrontation, Campbell claimed to have walked across the street to his office.

Campbell added that he immediately reported the incident to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and spoke the Crowne Plaza management.

Nashua police are still under investigation, noting that the involvement of a state representative in the event will not change the outcome of the case.

Sources: TPM, Nashua Telegraph