Mysterious Crowd Funding Campaign Seeks To Raise $10 Million To Free North Korea

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

In what can only be described as one of the strangest and most ambitious crowd funding attempts in recent memory, a group called Freedom Now has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to “help bring freedom to North Korea.”

The fundraising page, which seeks a paltry $10 million in donations, describes Freedom Now as a “covert multi-national group with the sole purpose of bringing freedom and democracy to the people of North Korea.”

The campaign aims to liberate North Korea with a two part plan that will somehow eventually shift the balance of power. “The first step in our solution is to establish a strong communication network inside North Korea,” the campaign pitch reads in part. 

“The second step is to connect North Koreans with the outside world. This can be accomplished via miniature radios that can easily be hidden. Outside Radio stations pouring into North Korea are abundant, however, the amount of radios capable of tuning into these stations are few.”

The idea behind the campaign is that the establishment of better communication to the outside world will help the people of North Korea fight Kim Jong-Un. 

With the money raised by the IndieGoGo campaign, Freedom Now hopes to “purchase communication technology and pro-freedom education materials, as well as intelligence gear, travel expenses, and expenses included in the logistics of establishing a communication network.”

So, why is this mysterious and covert operation relying on crowd funding? In order to be a “beacon of hope” and expand their technological capabilities. 

The group does not appear to be affiliated with the eponymous organization that that works to free political prisoners.

In fact, the campaign does not offer a website for the organization and the founder of the page, Andrew Fox, is equally mysterious. 

So far, the four-day-old campaign has raised a grand total of $104.

But, for a mere $10,000, you can be ranked as a Colonel and “receive an honorable mention in any book or documentary that is produced by any member of Freedom Now.” Who can beat that deal?

Source: IndieGoGo Image via IndieGoGo