More Cutbacks! Demands British PM David Cameron Surrounded By Gold At Luxury Banquet

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Conservative British Prime Minister David Cameron has been his country’s — and one of the world’s — leading advocates of the economic policy known as “austerity,” in other words, severe budget cuts to social services and programs such as schools, health care and other basic necessities.

Last night, Cameron called to make the cuts he has already made, which according to economic studies have made the U.K.’s recession worse, a permanent fixture of British life. He gave the speech at a banquet honoring the Lord Mayor of London. Cameron and other guests wore expensive white tie and tails and appeared surrounded by gold objects and drinking expensive wine.
See photos of Cameron advocating “austerity” while reveling in luxury both above and below.

Business Insider listed some of the accoutrements visible in the photos of the event.

    •    A huge gold throne.
    •    A gold speech stand.
    •    Several expensive looking glasses and chalices filled with wine.
    •    A random silver horse.
    •    A huge necklace on the lady sitting on the throne.
    •    Tuxes with white ties.

Cameron sat in a golden chair and when he rose to speak, placed his notes on a gold lectern as he called for the British public to “do more with less,” not only now, but forever.

"We are sticking to the task,” he said, referring to the austerity measures and budget cuts already in place. “But that doesn't just mean making difficult decisions on public spending. It also means something more profound. It means building a leaner, more efficient state. We need to do more with less. Not just now, but permanently."

In 2010, Cameron’s government eliminated or merged 192 departments and programs including Britain’s National Patient Safety Agency, the Learning Skills and Improvement Service, the National Health Service Institute for Innovation and Improvement, the Health Protection Agency and the UK Film Council.

Ruth Hardy of the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper was at the banquet, working a second job with an event company. She described the scene.

“The guests enjoyed a champagne reception, and then were served a starter ("a celebration of British mushrooms"), a fish course and main course of fillet of beef, all served with wine of course,” she wrote. “In the break before dessert, coffee, dessert wine, port, brandy and whisky were served, Cameron gave his speech.”

Hardy offered her own view on the event.

“I have a fundamental problem with a man who sits on a golden throne and lectures us about spending less, like a modern-day, white-tie clad sheriff of Nottingham,” she wrote. “And all around him, the insidious stain of austerity creeps across the country, manifesting in ... rising tuition fees and the closure of public services that vulnerable people depend on.”


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