Missouri State Sen. Brian Nieves Wonders If Liberalism Is A 'Mental Disorder'

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Republican Missouri State Sen. Brian Nieves’ history of wild online rants took another turn on Monday when, during a conversation on Facebook, he questioned if liberalism is a “mental disorder.”

After initially publishing a photo of his .308 pistol on Facebook and bragging about the rave reviews it received from a police officer, Nieves got into a heated conversation with some of the people posting comments on his page.

Eventually, Nieves posted the following: “Barry ... I honestly wonder  and I'm being sincere about this  if liberalism is indeed a mental disorder. A person commits a heinous crime, the kind we hear about in the news, and they are not allowed to be executed but an innocent baby who is wrapped in the comfort of his/her mother's womb  having been created by God  can be literally ripped apart, viciously murdered, and this "Man of God" supports it?!?!?! WOW!!”

Sean Soendker Nicholson, executive director of Progress Missouri, a progressive advocacy group, told The Huffington Post that Nieves "should think twice before accusing anyone else of mental instability."

The Facebook comment is just the latest in a series of bizarre behavior by Nieves. A few months ago, he engaged in an email exchange with a constituent who asked to be removed from his email distribution list. He accused the constituent of being in love with him and questioned his sanity. The constituent dismissed Nieves as a "douchetard."

In 2011, three constituents filed a complaint about Nieves' behavior during a private meeting. Nieves then called the consituents "subhuman" and "evil" on his radio show. A year earlier, Nieves was accused of assault by Shawn Bell, the campaign manager for the candidate whom Nieves defeated in the Republican primary, although no criminal charges were filed as a result of the apparent incident.

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