Newsweek's Anti-Trump Cover Sparks Controversy (Photo)

| by Sarah Zimmerman

Newsweek is causing controversy with its latest cover, which pronounces President Donald Trump's administration as possibly "the most corrupt in U.S. history."

The cover shows Trump and other administration officials straddling a "government air" plane, according to SF Gate. The cover's title reads "Snakes on a Plane," referencing a 2006 Samuel L. Jackson film of the same name. 

The cover story's full title also calls Trump a "first-class kleptocrat," or a ruler who uses his authority to steal from his country's resources.

The article, written by Alexander Nazaryan, exposes how members of the Trump administration uses taxpayer money to fund unnecessary and often lavish expenses, like vacations and extra security detail.

Nazaryan contends this type of behavior runs counter to Trump's "drain the swamp" campaign promise, in which he vowed to cleanse the government of corruption.

"[Trump's Cabinet] were people, we’d been told, who were sacrificing lucrative private-sector posts to work in the service of the American people," Nazaryan writes for Newsweek. "Now, those very same 'forgotten Americans' were paying for [Secretary of the Treasury Steven] Mnuchin, worth as much as $500 million, because he apparently didn’t want to go through airport security."

The cover itself, which Newsweek posted on its Twitter and Facebook on Nov. 2, quickly went viral with more than 9,200 likes and 6,300 retweets. The reaction to the cover, which contends that "Trump's jet-setting White House may be the most corrupt in U.S. history," has been mixed.

"Newsweek, thank you for so courageously doing your part to save our democracy," one Twitter user wrote. "The covers have been amazing."

Another agreed: "An administration of almost daily lies, divisiveness and craziness...perfect cover to sum it all up!"

But Trump supporters were quick to blast the cover, with many taking to Facebook and Twitter to call Newsweek "fake news."

"You have yet to learn how to tell the truth!" one person wrote on Twitter. "Trump is the Best thing to happen to America!"

Many Facebook users who support Trump accused Newsweek of mocking the president. 

"Every time I see the trash you put out I shake my head," one person wrote. "You should be ashamed of yourselves not only do you mock our current President you mock a majority of the American People's choice. President Donald Trump is doing an amazing job and I believe it is about time recognition is given on that!"

The magazine's print edition will hit newsstands on Nov. 10. 

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