Jon Stewart Slams US Government over Refusal to Do Anything About Guns (Video)

| by Alex Groberman

A bipartisan compromise was reached on gun background checks Wednesday morning, but it was met with relatively little fanfare. People on the left called the agreement inadequate; people on the right accused it of intruding on Second Amendment rights. Beyond all else, all the deal really did was reiterate how divided the nation still is when it comes to gun control and gun rights.

On Wednesday night, Jon Stewart tackled the debate head-on, lamenting that America’s priorities were all screwed up when it came to firearms. He noted that the bill proposed to strengthen background checks would likely be tinkered with and modified until it was unrecognizable, and he also criticized all involved for putting themselves in the same company as Iran and North Korea by rejecting the U.N. arms treaty.

“If we don’t preserve our right to sell guns to terrorists, what are they going to fight us with?” Stewart said of the U.N arms treaty. “Ideas? Come on! Actually, the reason we cannot support a treaty to stop the terrorists and drug lord arms trade? Freedom.”

You can check out Stewart’s entire rant on the matter in the video below.

Sources: Raw Story, Mediaite