Jon Stewart Destroys Republicans, Fox News over Government Shutdown (Video)

| by Alex Groberman

The current U.S. government shutdown is bad for Democrats, bad for Republicans, bad for Americans, bad for America’s international partners, and bad for the overall global economy. On the bright side, though, it’s a godsend for comedians. And as you would expect, ‘The Daily Show’ has been absolutely destroying anyone and everyone that is involved.

When Jon Stewart returned from his summer vacation, he seemed a little off his game. The timing of his jokes wasn’t there; the material was a little mediocre; the accents and impressions lost their appeal. Fortunately, this shutdown appears to have reinvigorated him. Regardless of whether you agree with the substance of what he’s saying or not, his presentation is on point.

On Tuesday evening, Stewart absolutely destroyed Fox News for minimizing the impact of the shutdown. He then offered similarly harsh words for the House Republicans who are echoing the sentiment that this whole shutdown isn’t so bad.

Check out Stewart’s entire take on the matter in the videos below.