Joe Biden Spent Over One Million Dollars On Two Hotel Bills

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Regardless of political affiliation, no one can accuse Vice President Joe Biden of being cheap.

The Weekly Standard drew attention to a government document today that shows Vice President Biden ran up a $585,000 bill during his stay at the Intercontinental Paris Le Grand Hotel in early February.

A standard room in the hotel costs around $475 per night, and the royal two-bedroom suite typically costs $3,900 per night.

The Weekly Standard also referenced another one of Biden’s hotel bills from the same five-day trip. The document, from the Hyatt Regency London, shows Biden racked up a $459,339 bill during his stay.

To be fair, Biden typically travels with an entourage of around 100 people.

But even after accounting for the entourage, as noted by MSN, the cost of Biden’s bills just doesn’t make sense.

Take a look at the numbers:

Biden reserved 136 rooms for 893 room nights during his stay at the Hyatt in London. For 893 room nights, all 136 rooms would have to be reserved for at least six nights each. Biden’s entire European trip was only five days long.

The numbers don’t add up for Biden’s Paris hotel stay, either. Even if all 136 rooms were charged at the two-room suite price of $3,900 per night, which is unlikely, the total for the bill would still be over $50,000 less than the $585,000 cost.

During his trip, Biden and his entourage spent three days in Germany, one day in Paris, and one day in London.

So far, the vice president and his spokespeople have not released a statement on the story.

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