Illinois Mayoral Candidate John Heidelmeier Apologizes For Sex Photos

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Villa Park, Ill., mayoral candidate John Heidelmeier has apologized to his family and supporters after “personally embarrassing” pictures of him surfaced on an Internet sex website. The two photos were posted on a website that claims to offer “your most diverse phone sex experience.” The suburb’s former police chief said that he will stay in the race.

“I acknowledge that these images on this website are of me,” Heidelmeier said in a statement. “I did nothing unlawful or anything that diminishes my ability to serve the people of Villa Park. I regret that this private situation became public and I apologize to my supporters, but more importantly to my wife and family … How this became public is meaningless, but I want to assure my opponent and supporters that I will stay steadfast in the race and let the voters take a careful look at the real issues facing Villa Park on April 9th.”

One of the pictures was of Heidelmeier wearing a blue shirt and staring into a webcam. The other photo shows an exposed genital underneath a blue shirt. Both pictures were from February, according to the Chicago Tribune.

John Davis is one of Heidelmeier’s biggest critics. Davis discovered on Tuesday that someone had anonymously put a printout of the website and pictures in his mailbox. The following day, he went to Heidelmeier’s house and gave him the printouts.

“I said, ‘I run an honest campaign, and I want nothing to do with this.’ And I handed it to him,” Davis said. “He was surprised.”

Davis said that the pictures were “spreading through town like wildfire.”

Heidelmeier’s opponent, Deborah Bullwinkel, said she heard about the pictures from Davis but that her campaign had nothing to do with finding the pictures or spreading them.

“I really feel bad for John (Heidelmeier) and his family. I really do,” she said.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, WGNTV