Hillary Clinton Breaks Silence With Speech On Hebdo Attack, Keystone Pipeline

| by Edward Arnold

Hillary Clinton made a public appearance yesterday in Winnipeg, Canada, speaking on a variety of issues, including the deadly attack in Paris and President Obama’s State of the Union speech.

"The slaughter of satire writers and Jews and police officers sharpened the true contours of this struggle," Clinton said.

"We’re not contesting against the vast majority of Muslims," who are "peaceful and tolerant people," she added. "But we can’t close our eyes to the fact that at this time in our world history, there is a distorted and dangerous strain of extremism within the Muslim world that continues to spread.”

Clinton, Obama’s former Secretary of State, has yet to declare a bid for President in an attempt to avoid any media leaks in her campaign. When asked about the President’s speech, she added that his proposals were an “important start for a critical debate.”

Since she was in Canada, there was no avoiding the elephant in the room: the Keystone XL pipeline. However, after the question was posed, she quickly defended her position not to have a position.

“We have differences, and you won’t get me to talk about Keystone because I have steadily made clear that I’m not going to express an opinion,” she explained. “It is in our process, and that’s where it belongs.”

The Guardian admits that it would be difficult for Clinton to support the pipeline at this time given her previous position in the Obama administration. Additionally, not expressing an opinion would continue her delayed campaign. 

Less media attention has certainly worked for her too. The Washington Post reports that she is already leading Republican favorites Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney by at least 13 points each in the polls.

As for U.S. foreign policy with Iran, Clinton is sticking with Obama’s position to hold off on additional sanctions.

“If the U.S. Congress imposes sanctions before we even know the answers to the questions we are asking, I think it’s highly likely that Russia and China would” break talks with the U.S., she said. “That would be, in my view, a very serious strategic error.” 

Sources: Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Guardian / Photo Credit: USA News