Harry Reid Would Rather Be Caned Than Be a Lobbyist

| by Ethan Brown

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, who will retire at the end of his current term in January 2017, said that he would rather be physically hurt than become a lobbyist after he leaves the Senate.

“I would rather be taken to Singapore and caned,” Reid told Politico.

The outgoing senator was also asked about his public disagreement with President Barack Obama over the Trans-Pacific Partnership legislation that would enforce stricter rules on foreign nations that have manipulated their currency to woo businesses.

“We’ve been to the dance together lots of times, and just because he didn’t take me home this time, I’m not mad at him,” the Nevada Democrat commented.

Despite the new Senate becoming one of the most productive terms in years, Reid downplayed Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's success.

“The few things that have passed are things that we would have passed easily,” he quipped.

The last years of Reid’s leadership were quite tumultuous, as he was constantly seen bickering with McConnell and Republicans in the House of Representatives over many issues, with most focusing on the nation’s budget and spending. During the 2012 presidential election, Reid insinuated that Republican nominee Mitt Romney had not been paying income taxes, despite Reid having no proof of his allegations, which were later found to be false.

Sources: The Washington Post, New York Daily News

Photo Credit: Flickr