U.S. Army Covering Up Death of Private LaVena Johnson? (Video)

| by Michael Allen

U.S. Army Private LaVena Johnson, 19, became the first female soldier from Missouri to die in Iraq when she was found dead on July 19, 2005.

The U.S. Army claims that Johnson killed herself with a self-inflicted M-16 rifle shot wound on a military base in Balad, Iraq.

However, Johnson's family say their daughter did not commit suicide. They cite how she was found with multiple injuries, including a broken nose, black eye, loose teeth and acid burns on her genitals (possibly to destroy DNA evidence of rape).

There was also a trail of blood leading away from her tent.

A new video (below) entitled “The Silent Truth” explores the case and features her parents speaking out.

According to CrooksandLiars.com, Johnson had only been in Iraq for eight weeks when she allegedly placed the rifle into her mouth and pulled the trigger. Her body was found beside the rifle in a contractor's storage tent.

There was no recovered bullet, suicide note or even significant gunshot residue on her hands.

The U.S. Army simply claims that other soldiers said Johnson was depressed and talked about killing herself.

However, Johnson's parents believe their daughter may have been raped and killed by another U.S. soldier, and that her death scene was staged as a suicide.

The number of sexual assaults in the U.S. military has sky-rocketed with 26,000 in 2010, notes Slate.com.

Source: CrooksandLiars.com and Slate.com