Dominican Police Say Three Women Were Paid To Claim They Had Sex With US Senator Robert Menendez

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Dominican police are saying that three women were paid to falsely claim they had sex with U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez.

According to the police, the women were paid by attorney Melanio Figueroa, who worked with Miguel Galvan, another attorney. Two of the women received a bit more than $400 for their help. The third woman was paid about $300. Menendez has long denied a report that accused him of partying with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

The story about Menendez and the ladies was published just before the elections in November. Reported by The Daily Caller, the account said there was a video with two women claiming they had sex with Menendez for money.

"The evidence released today by Dominican law enforcement authorities proves what we have said all along: that the smear campaign against Senator Menendez is based on lies, lies we now know were paid for by interests whose identities have not yet been fully disclosed," said Tricia Enright, Menendez's communications director. Enright urged authorities in the U.S. to investigate what had went on.

Menendez has always maintained the allegations were false, according to CNN, He told the network the claims were "absolutely false," and called the allegations "smears."

Questions about Menendez’s relationship with Salomon Melgen, a Florida man who owned a plane Menendez admits to having flown on, have also been raised. The senator took the plane to the Dominican Republic three times in 2010

"I was in a big travel schedule in 2010 as the chair of the (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee), plus my own campaign getting ready for a re-election cycle, and in the process of all of that, it unfortunately fell through the cracks," Menendez has said about the flights. (The “fell through the cracks” portion of that comment refers to Menendez failing to pay for the flights in a timely manner.)

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