Rep. Louie Gohmert Thinks DOMA Will Lead To Legalized Polygamy, Bigamy

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The Supreme Court's Defense of Marriage Act decision opens the door to legalized bigamy and polygamy, conservative Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert suggested Friday.

In his week ending remarks on the House floor, Gohmert used references to the biblical King Solomon to argue that DOMA will open the flood gates to legalizing polygamy and bigamy.

"Once you move marriage beyond the scope of a man and a woman, you really don't end up with a good place to put a limit," Gohmert said, who also argued that such practices were a mile-marker on a nation's way to the "dustbin of history."

"I think polygamy is wrong, bigamy is wrong, and it's a crime in many places  but how will that be justifiable now that the court has removed this?" Gohmert said. "There's some [who] believe polygamy is a way to go."

He added: "You know, King Solomon, many  including me  believe was the wisest man who ever lived. Of course, then he had too many wives, and that [will] always mess up anybody's wisdom."

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