House Votes To Ban Late-Term Abortions

| by Sasha Melendez-Goldman

A RA Republican-led bill banning late-term abortions is scheduled for a House vote early next week. The bill, initially introduced in January, was temporarily abandoned due to an intra-party objection over language from GOP women and moderates. The disagreement revolved around the requirement that rape victims only qualify for exemption if they reported the crime. Those who disapproved of this requirement felt that it added additional burden to sexual assault victims and further alienated women from the Republication Party, reports ABC News. 

Now the altered bill will be reintroduced, requiring that rape victims requesting a late-term abortion receive medical treatment or licensed counseling 48 hours before the procedure, reports The Hill. This revision is expected to regain lost support and solidify the bill's passage.

“This proposal is substantially stronger than the original bill, and it places the focus back upon protecting mothers and their innocent little pain-capable babies, from the beginning of the sixth month until birth,” said Trent Franks, a sponsor of the bill. 

The bill also allows exemption in cases involving minors and incest. However, there is a requirement for victims to report the crime to social services or law enforcement.

The House vote was announced a day after a study was released by the New England Journal of Medicine finding that infants can survive outside the womb at 22 weeks. The study found that 5.1 percent of babies were able to survive outside of the womb and 3.1 percent survived without severe impairments, challenging the current number of viability placed at 24 weeks, reported the Hill.

The revised bill is expected to be passed on Wednesday, which coincides with the second anniversary of Kermit Gosnell’s three-count murder conviction, a former American doctor who performed abortions. Gosnell is serving life in prison for delivering three infants alive in failed abortion procedures and then killing them with a pair of scissors. 

With few exceptions, the abortion bill will make all late-term abortions illegal.

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Photo Source: House GOP