Gay Marriage is Sin 'Same as Murder' Says Oregon GOP Candidate (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Lorraine Mae Rafferty is a gubernatorial candidate in Oregon with strong conservative views that she is not shy about sharing.

The Republican was recently interviewed by The Oregonian, which asked her what she thought about gay marriage (video below).

"I would have to say I definitely believe that is wrong," said Rafferty. "I believe it is a sin, same as murder is a sin."

Gay marriage may end up on Oregon's November 2014 ballot unless U.S. District Judge Michael McShane rules on same-sex marriages in May.

Judge McShane has scheduled oral arguments for April 23 on the issue of the current gay marriage ban in Oregon, reports KATU.

Rafferty was also asked about abortion.

"I believe that would be murder," stated Rafferty. "I'm against abortion. I think it's misunderstood."

If she becomes governor, Rafferty promised to educate the state that a "baby in the womb is a human being."

She also promised tax breaks to manufacturing companies that make products in the state.

Sources: The Oregonian and KATU

(Note: Gay marriage, abortion begin at 2:15 mark on video below)