Video: Sarah Silverman Offers Sex Act to GOP Billionaire Sheldon Adelson for Pres. Obama


In an explicit video message (below), comedian Sarah Silverman offered an “indecent” proposal to billionaire Republican donor and gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson, who has pledged up to $100 million to Mitt Romney.

If Adelson will give the $100 million to President Obama, instead, Silverman offered to “scissor” with the 79-year-old while “wearing a bikini bottom, through to fruition.”

For those who don’t quite understand what Silverman means by "scissor," she then demonstrates the sexual position with a small dog.

Scissoring refers the act of dry-humping to climax as performed by two women with intertwined legs.

The video directs viewers to the website, which is a project of the Jewish Council for Education and Research, which says that it “uses humor, viral video, celebrity, and social media to break through the election year clutter and reach millions of voters."


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