Video: Parents have 6-Year-Old Isaac Anthony Make Anti-Obama Video

| by Michael Allen

Isaac Anthony, a six year old, appears in a new anti-Obama video (below) posted on the conservative blog PatriotUpdate.com, citing 10 reasons why not to vote for President Obama.

Anthony's parents can be heard coaching the boy, off camera, as Isaac tries to remember his lines. A woman's voice can be heard: "Remember to speak clearly into the camera."

Even though the child was clearly scripted, with false claims, the description below the video reads: 'Isaac Anthony is a conservative six-year-old who knows where he stands on political issues and the upcoming Presidential election."

At one point in the video, Anthony holds a plastic pistol and claims Pres. Obama "wants to take guns away from good guys."

Anthony, then playing the part of a 'birther,' looks at a map and says: "Nobody knows where he came from."

The video has been attacked by critics, who say the child's parents are clearly exploiting him, reports the Daily Mail.

Many have written critical comments on the YouTube page. One claimed that the child is a victim of "'brainwashing by a pussy [father] who couldn't do his own dirty work."

Child wonder: Isaac Anthony, 6, recites rehearsed a list of top ten reasons not to vote for Obama as his parents film and help him with his lines
Conclusion: Coming in at number one, Isaac's final reason not to vote for the President, is the mysterious matter of 'where he came from'

Isaac Anthony's top ten reasons not to vote for Obama