Video: Mitt Romney Says Deny Coverage for Uninsured with Pre-Existing Conditions

| by Michael Allen

During an appearance on 'The Tonight Show' on Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said that President Obama’s health care reform law should be overturned and that people with pre-existing conditions should be denied coverage if they never had insurance before (video below).

Host Jay Leno said: “It seems to me like children and people with preexisting conditions should be covered."

But Romney countered: “People with pre-existing conditions, as long as they’ve been insured before, they’re going to continue to have insurance."

“Suppose they were never insured?” Leno asked.

Romney answered: “Well, if they’re 45 years old, and they show up, and they say, I want insurance, because I’ve got a heart disease, it’s like, `Hey guys, we can’t play the game like that. You’ve got to get insurance when you’re well, and if you get ill, then you’re going to be covered."